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About Bert Rauschenbach

Bert Rauschenbach takes a holistic training approach to designing his fitness facilities. The graduate sports scientist has been running his own sports club for more than 20 years, focusing on "personal training". He thoroughly monitors the fitness product market in order to exclusively employ equipment of superior biomechanics, structural engineering and excellent operating characteristics, thus affording a holistic approach to fitness training.

Bert Rauschenbach’s many years of experience in the field enables him to target and meet the unique needs of every client. Partners such as architects and planners are involved from the beginning in the project development process. When planning hotel fitness facilities, he takes into account the greater need for safety, as such facilities often lack the supervision of a trainer.

In facilities with a diagnostic element involving performance analyses for training purposes, spiroergometry, measurement of the strength capacity of individual muscle groups, posture analysis, and body composition measurements are employed. Such training facilities include those for competitive sports and therapy. For his clients, Bert Rauschenbach is also able to design and produce bespoke training machines and equipment that are otherwise unavailable in the marketplace – solutions that are particularly beneficial to sport-specific training, as well as hotels with limited space.

Curriculum Vitae of Bert Heinz Rauschenbach

Born in Berlin on 16 September 1965
Married, three children:
Vocational education diploma
1985 – 1987
Military service
1988 – 1992
Studies at the Deutsche Hochschule für Körperkultur / Universität Leipzig; Sports scientist specialising in strength-related sports at the Universität Leipzig
1992 – 1996
Freelance personal trainer
Establishment of Sportclub Rauschenbach in Berlin, focussing on personal training.
Sale of Sportclub Rauschenbach

Offered services

  • International sales and distribution of fitness- and diagnostics-related equipment
  • Specialised in the design of quality diagnostics and fitness facilities and bespoke equipment
  • Comprehensive consulting
  • Interior design and architecture of fitness facilities
  • Completion to turnkey readiness

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